DPC - Intranet

Deaprtment of Premier And Cabinet
Launch date

In 2013 Department of Premier and Cabinet decided to redevelop their existing intranet. DPC’s existing intranet was built on out of date technology, had low employee usage rates and had poor user experience. DPC conducted focus groups with users and relevant stakeholders that fed the final user interface and functional specification.

The Challenge

  • Find an appropriate web based system that would allow for flexibility and future growth
  • Utilise a distributed authoring model to allow for multiple authorized users to author content
  • Integrate with existing and new services utilized by DPC – Yammer, Twitter, Authentication
  • Make the intranet a useable system that staff want to interact with on a daily basis


The Solution

  • Engage Savage Bull to develop the intranet using Drupal CMS and provide custom development to achieve the goals of the functional specification
  • Utlise Drupal CMS to achieve the technical goals of the project while allowing for ongoing management by internal resources and future development

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